Manipulating Objects - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Manipulating Objects

After you place an object in your viewport, you can perform the following actions on it:

  1. Select it so that you can make adjustments to it.

  2. Move it to another location.

  3. Rotate it.

  4. Scale it (make it larger or smaller).

You can quickly select any of these tools by using the following hotkeys:

  • 1 – Select

  • 2 – Move

  • 3 – Rotate

  • 4 – Scale

Use the following procedure to place a new object in your viewport.

Although there are a few boulders already in the orientation level, you develop your skills by placing a new one.

To place a new boulder in your viewport

  1. In the Asset Browser, navigate to StarterGame\Objects\Natural\Rocks.

    Select am_rock_boulder_01.cgf.

  2. Drag from the Asset Browser directly into your viewport.

In the next sections, you practice manipulating your object using these tools.

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