Navigating in the Viewport - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Navigating in the Viewport

Lumberyard uses mouse and keyboard navigation controls that are familiar to most gamers.

Like most first-person shooter (FPS) games on a PC, a series of keyboard strokes controls forward, backward, left, and right strafing (movement without changing viewing direction).

A combination of mouse actions can zoom, change viewing direction, and pan.

To navigate in the viewport

Click in the viewport to bring the focus to the viewport, and then experiment with the following keyboard and mouse navigation controls.

  • W – Strafe forward

  • S – Strafe backward

  • A – Strafe left

  • D – Strafe right


To increase strafe speed, hold Shift while pressing W, S, A, or D.

  • Hold right mouse button (RMB) + direction – Look direction

  • Hold middle mouse button (MMB) + direction – Pan direction

  • Click left mouse button (LMB) – Select

  • Drag left mouse button (LMB) – Marquee select

  • Alt + right mouse button (RMB) + drag up or down – Rapid strafe forward and backward

  • Alt + middle mouse button (MMB) + direction – Look direction

For a full list of keyboard shortcuts, see Using Keyboard Shortcuts in the Amazon Lumberyard User Guide.

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