1: Understanding the Lumberyard Interface - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

1: Understanding the Lumberyard Interface

In this section, you learn the basics of Lumberyard's interface. You also explore and play the completed level for this tutorial series, giving you a solid understanding of what you'll be building.

This tutorial shows you how to do the following:

Downloading and Installing Lumberyard

Before you get started, download and install Lumberyard. After you set up Lumberyard, launch Lumberyard Editor and proceed to the next section.

Opening the Orientation Level

To familiarize you with Lumberyard's opening screen and basic controls, open the first tutorial level called GSG_01_Orientation.

To open the orientation level

  1. Launch Lumberyard Editor.

    The Welcome screen appears by default each time you open Lumberyard.

    On the welcome screen, you see the following:

    1. Current Project – Displays the project that you are currently working on. If you click the project name, the following options appear:

      • Switch project – Closes Lumberyard Editor and opens the Project Configurator, which you can use to switch to another project.

      • Setup Assistant – Closes Lumberyard Editor and opens Lumberyard Setup Assistant, where you can customize your build options.

    2. Welcome messages – Displays the latest news about Lumberyard and its partners.

    3. Documentation and Tutorials – Opens the Lumberyard support page where you can find other tutorials and documentation about Lumberyard.

    4. Welcome screen options – Select check boxes to Auto-load last opened level on startup or Skip this dialog on startup.

  2. Choose Open level, navigate to Levels/GettingStartedGuide, select GSG_01_Orientation and then choose Open.

    The orientation level opens. It looks similar to the following image.

  3. (Optional) To explore the level and play the game, press Ctrl+G.

    Use standard PC game controls – W, A, S, D, space to jump, left click to shoot.

    Try to complete all of the following:

    • Approach the entry door to trigger it to open. The timer starts when you enter the maze.

    • Shoot to kill enemy AI sentries.

    • Find and collect the pickup item, a glowing orb. This triggers the opening of the exit door.

    • Shoot at and knock over the wall built from crates.

    • Exit the maze. The timer stops, and a "Mission Complete" screen appears.

    • Explore the level. Have fun!

    Press Esc to quit.

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