Aligning the Slices - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Aligning the Slices

In this tutorial, you use the Move tool to align your doorway parent slices with the exterior wall's open spaces. Then you use the Align to Object tool to arrange the interior maze walls within the exterior maze walls. The Align to Object tool sets the parent components for the interior and exterior walls to the same relative position.

To align exterior walls with doorways

  • Use the Move and Rotate tools to adjust the exterior wall and both doorways so that they are aligned as in the following picture.

To align exterior and interior walls

  1. In the Entity Outliner or in the viewport, select maze_wall_interior.

  2. On the toolbar, click the Align to object icon .

    The alignment takes place once you select another entity in the viewport to align it with.

  3. In the viewport, select the maze_wall_exterior slice. The green dot in the center of the exterior walls indicates the exterior maze wall slice, as shown in the following animated image.

    The interior and exterior walls are now aligned and look like the following image.

  4. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

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