Getting Started Guide (Version 1.18)

Placing Lamp Post Slices

Instantiate, or place, multiple instances of the lamp post slice to add some overhead lamps to the maze.

To place lamp post slices

  1. In the Asset Browser, navigate to StarterGame/slices/GSG.

    Drag Maze_Lamp_01.slice into the viewport.

  2. Position the lamp post on top of one of the interior maze walls, similar to the following image.

  3. In the Entity Outliner, right-click Lamp and then choose duplicate. This creates a copy of the lamp. Move your mouse pointer to the position you want it, and then click to place it.


    You can also duplicate an entity by selecting it in the viewport and pressing Ctrl+D.

  4. Repeat this process to place four or five more lamps into the scene, anywhere you want.

  5. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

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