Getting Started Guide (Version 1.12)

4: Using Slices to Build the Maze

A slice is a special kind of asset (a .slice file) that is composed of a group of entities and their components. You can place, or instantiate, slices throughout your level quickly and easily. If you modify one slice instance, such as adding a component or changing a property, you can save your changes to update all the other slice instances.

You can also independently edit an individual slice instance and then not save the change. This results in a unique slice instance.

To begin building your maze, you do the following:

  1. Create a doorway slice.

  2. Instantiate (place) prebuilt slices for exterior and interior maze walls.

  3. Align the positions of your wall slices.

  4. Lock wall slices from being selected.

  5. Instantiate (place) multiple instances of the lamp slice.

  6. Modify the properties of one lamp slice instance.

  7. Save the changes to all lamp slice instances.

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