Customizing Your Landscape (Optional) - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Customizing Your Landscape (Optional)

If you prefer you can add several more vegetation categories. Use the tools and settings you learned to paint in the following landscape elements.

Flowers – Use a high density setting for scattered flowers, or a lower density setting for small pockets of flowers. Navigate to StarterGame\Objects\Natural\Vegetation. Use the following files:

  • am_grass_flower_purple_group.cgf

  • am_grass_flower_red_group.cgf

  • am_grass_flower_white_group.cgf

Shrubbery – Place these in small pockets throughout to add detail to the scene. Navigate to StarterGame\Objects\Natural\Vegetation. Select am_bush_01_group.cgf.

TreeFar-Pine – Place these trees on the mountains and hillsides in the distance. Navigate to StarterGame\Objects\Natural\Vegetation. Select the following files:

  • am_pine_01_group.cgf

  • am_pine_tall_group.cgf

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