Inserting Rocks and Undergrowth - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Inserting Rocks and Undergrowth

You can also use the Vegetation tool to place individual objects. This is useful when placing large objects such as boulders, tree stumps, or logs.

To better focus on a particular vegetation category, you can temporarily hide groups of vegetation objects. You can also fine-tune the placement of individual objects within a group.

To insert rocks into your landscape

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Terrain Tool.

  2. In the Terrain Tool, choose Vegetation.

  3. Create a new category and name it Rocks.

    To do this, under Vegetation, click the Add Vegetation Category icon.

    In the New Category box, enter Rocks. Click OK.

  4. Select the Rocks object category that you just created, and then click the Add Vegetation Object icon.

  5. In the Pick Geometry dialog box, navigate to StarterGame\Objects\Natural\Rocks. Hold down Ctrl while selecting the following files:

    • am_rocks_small_01.cgf

    • am_rocks_small_02.cgf

    • am_rocks_boulder_01.cgf

  6. Select only am_rocks_boulder_01 and modify the following settings, or experiment with your own.

    • Size: 1.50

    • +-Sizevar: 0.20

    • RandomRotation: Selected

  7. Click Paint Objects to disable it. The setting is disabled (1) when it has no orange border. An orange border (2) indicates that the feature is enabled.

    Hold down Shift and click once in the viewport. This places a single boulder.

    You can place single objects using any object in the vegetation categories. This is useful for placing objects with precision.

You can move individual objects that you previously placed. Because the scene is full of vegetation, it can be difficult to select one particular object. In the vegetation categories and objects lists, you can hide and unhide groups or individual objects.

To select individual objects

  1. To hide the Grass and Rocks categories, clear their check boxes in the Vegetation tool. This hides all of the grass and rocks in your scene.

  2. In the TreeNear-Aspen-Oak category, hide the am_oak_group.

    With all categories hidden except am_aspen_01_group, your level should look similar to the following image.

  3. Make sure Paint Objects is still disabled and then click to select one of the trees in the scene.

    Press 2 on your keyboard to select the Move tool. Move the tree to different location.

  4. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

Using the techniques you learned in this section, use the Grass category to add some undergrowth to the maze pathway. You can do this by setting your Density setting to 1 and your Brush Radius to 2, and then painting. Or you can disable the Paint Objects button and then hold down Shift to place individual plants.

You should now have a lush vegetative environment in your level.

(Optional) You can move on to the next tutorial, which shows you how to add more details to your landscape. Or you can proceed to the Lighting tutorials.

Press Ctrl+S to save your level, and then Ctrl+G to play your level. Press Esc to quit.

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