Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Creating Texture Layers

To set the stage for painting pavement, grass, dirt, and rocks, you first create the texture layers. Think of this as choosing the consistency and texture of the paint.

You use the Terrain Texture Layers tool to create your texture layers. You also use the Material Editor to assign the appropriate textures to those layers.

To create texture layers

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Other, Terrain Texture Layers.

    The Terrain Texture Layers editor displays the Default layer.

  2. To create four more layers, in the Layer Tasks panel, click Add Layer four times.

    Click in the Layer column name and rename the four new layers with the following names:

    • Grass

    • Dirt

    • Rocks

    • HexGround

Next, you assign materials to each of the four texture layers you created. In this next procedure, you work with both the Terrain Texture Layers editor and the Material Editor, switching between the two editors to complete the tasks.

To assign materials to texture layers

  1. Open the Material Editor by pressing M or, from the main menu choose Tools, Material Editor.

  2. In the Terrain Texture Layers editor, select the Dirt layer.

  3. In the Material Editor, in the left panel, navigate to StarterGame\Materials\Natural\Terrain.

    Select am_mud2.mtl.

  4. Return again to the Terrain Texture Layers editor.

    The Dirt layer should still be selected. In the upper left panel, Layer Tasks, click Assign Material.

    You have just assigned the am_mud2.mtl material to the Dirt layer.

  5. Repeat the preceding steps for the other three layers, assigning the following materials:

    • Grass layer – am_grass1.mtl material.

    • Rocks layer – am_mud1.mtl material.

    • HexGround layer – am_path_hexagon.mtl material.

    When you have assigned the materials to the layers, your Terrain Texture Layers editor looks like the following image.

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