Getting Started Guide (Version 1.12)

8: Sculpting the Terrain

A lushly detailed environment with varying features and movement creates an immersive player experience. In this tutorial, you use a variety of terrain and vegetation tools to make a verdant green landscape outside your maze and within, nature creeping in upon a cement world.

To create the textures and colors of this environment, you learn how to do the following:

  • Create texture layers – Set the stage for texture layer painting.

  • Paint pavement, grass, dirt, and rocks – Use the texture layers and color settings to paint in ground features.

  • Draw a road – Create a meandering footpath using Lumberyard's road tool.

  • Place trees – Position trees of varying size, shape, and type.

  • Add shrubs and grass – Place above-ground vegetation that responds to player movement and environmental effects.

  • Insert rocks – Position boulders and groups of smaller rocks; learn how to temporarily hide certain elements of your scene to reduce clutter.

  • Customize your landscape – Practice the skills you learned by adding optional special touches such as flowers, shrubbery, and distant trees.

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