Legacy Reference

Animation Events

Using Geppetto, you can add character animation events by double-clicking in the Playback timeline window. If you can right-click in the timeline, you can jump to previous and next events. Each animation can have multiple events specified.

If you need to create a large number of animation events, click View and select Animation Event Presets. This creates a new Animation Event Presets panel above the Properties panel.

This provided you a set of quickly-accessible animation events, which you can add to the playback timeline with a double-click. Keys with events corresponding to the presets are colored the same in the timeline.

Animation events are also accessible from the Properties pane for an animation. These are stored in an .animevents file, which is referenced from the .chrparams file, which contains lists of animation events per animation.

You will need to create an .animevents file per character skeleton unless the character shares skeletons and animations.

To create the .animevents file

  1. Using a text editor, create a .xml file.

  2. In the .xml file, add the following tags: <anim_event_list></anim_event_list>.

  3. Name the file and include the .animevents extension. Save the file in the same directory as the animations to which the file will apply.

To update the .chrparams file

  1. In Geppetto, in the Assets panel, expand Skeletons, and navigate to and select the character's skeleton (*.chrparams) file.

  2. In the Properties panel, locate the Events field.

  3. Click the folder icon next to the empty property field and assign a directory where the .animevents file will be located for this character's skeleton.


    You can assign only one .animevents file per .chrparams file.

  4. After assigning the .animevents file, click Save to save your changes to the .chrparams file.