Legacy Reference

Animation Events

Animations in Lumberyard can be marked up to send custom events at a specific time in an animation. This markup is used for time-aligned blending; for example, to match footplants in animations. Another application of animation events is to spawn particle effects at the right moment.

These events can also be used by a variety of systems that need to receive information about when an animation has reached a certain point, such as in combination with a melee system.

Marking Up Animations with Events

Events for animations are stored in an XML file that is loaded when the character starts up. For this to happen automatically, the database must be included in the chrparams file.

Receiving Animation Events in the Game Code

Animation events are passed on to the game object once they have been triggered. The Actor and Player implementations both handle these animation events. See either Actor.cpp or Player.cpp for the function:

void AnimationEvent(ICharacterInstance *pCharacter, const AnimEventInstance &event)