Legacy Reference

Limb IK Technical

Lumberyard's animation system allows the setup of IK chains for characters.

When an IK chain is active, the system calculates the joint angles in the chain so that the end effector (typically a hand or foot) reaches the target position.

Setting Up

IK chains are defined in the chrparams file.

Using LimbIK from Code

To activate a Limb IK chain from outside the Animation system, use the function SetHumanLimbIK, accessible through the ISkeletonPose interface. The SetHumanLimbIK function needs to be called in each frame in which you want the IK chain to be active. The name of the Limb IK chain is defined in the chrparams file:

ISkeletonPose& skeletonPose = ...; skeletonPose.SetHumanLimbIK(targetPositionWorldSpace, "RgtArm01");