Legacy Reference

Pendulum Hinge Simulation

Pivot Offset

This feature is identical for both spring and pendula simulations. Pivot Offset allows you to offset the location of the attached render object. Note that this is purely a visual feature with no impact on the simulation itself and only adds an offset to the attached object at the rendering stage. Adding or changing an offset value doesn’t change the position of the socket; it only renders the attached geometry at another location that can be outside of the bounding volume.

By default, it is the pivot of the model (offset = 0,0,0) and those three values are an x,y,z axes offset that translates the rendered geometry in the direction of the socket axes.

If Redirect to Joint is also enabled, then the pivot offset changes the location of the joint and all its children, as discussed next.

Redirect to Joint

If enabled, the relative motion of the simulated object is transferred to the joint that it is attached to, which means that the relative motion of the pendulum is added to the joint. So as long as the pivot offset is (0,0,0) then we only modify the orientation of the joint and this moves all vertices that are part of the mesh and weighted to this joint.