Legacy Reference

Creating a Character Definition

Using Geppetto, you can create a character definition. The character definition .cdf file consists of a skeleton .chr file, an animation list that is referenced in a .chrparams file, and attachments.

Character Definition File

The XML-based character definition file (.cdf) combines different character parts such as skeletons, meshes, materials, and attachments.

Before proceeding, make sure you have the following assets exported from your DCC tool:

  • Character skeleton .chr file

  • Skinned geometry .skin file

  • One or more character animations

To create a character definition file

  1. In Geppetto, choose File, New Character, enter a file name and path, then choose Save. An empty file is created, but without a skeleton or attachment yet.

  2. In the Properties panel, choose the folder icon next to Skeleton, select the skeleton .chr file, and choose Open to load the skeleton. This assigns the skeleton to the .cdf file.

  3. Choose Display Options to reveal the Skeleton section in the UI.

  4. Expand Skeleton and choose Joints. The skeleton is displayed in the viewport.

Character Skeleton List

Make sure the skeleton is added to the SkeletonList.xml file using the following procedure.

To add the skeleton to the list

  1. In the Assets panel under Compression (Animations), choose Skeleton List.

  2. In the Properties panel under Aliases, make sure the skeleton .chr file is in the list. If not, do the following:

    1. Choose the number button next to Aliases and Add.

    2. Choose the folder icon next to the new entry, then select a suitable skeleton.

    3. Name the added skeleton alias. This name is used to refer to the skeleton.

Character Animation List

The character animation list is specified in the .chrparams file.

To specify the animation list

  1. In the Asset panel, expand Skeletons, Characters and select the skeleton .chr file.

  2. In the Properties panel, choose the number button next to Animation Set Filter and Add.

  3. Select the folder icon for the new row, open the context (double-click) menu for Animations, and then choose Select Folder.

Character Attachments

In order to attach something to a character, a socket is needed. Sockets provide the connection between the character and the attachment. For more information, see Attachment Sockets.

After a socket has been created and defined, an attachment can be created and connected to the socket. For more information, see Character Attachments.