Legacy Reference

Setting Export Options

Lumberyard has a number of options to customize the export process. To apply them, select a geometry node from the list, choose Tools, and select from the following as needed.

Add Scene Root

Creates a scene node that re-orients exported nodes relative to the displayed orientation.

Move Origin to Pivot

Sets a selected object's transform as an offset from the origin. If the Center Pivots check box is enabled, it will also center the pivot of the selected object.

Zero Joint Rotations

Removes any rotations on the selected joint and sets the value to zero.

Add Attributes

Exposes Lumberyard variables to joints and materials.

User Defined Properties

Opens a dialog box to add custom properties that is most commonly used for assigning a defined collision shape (sphere, box, or capsule) to override the existing collision mesh shape.

Polygon Check

Checks for degenerate faces.

Prepare Alembic Materials

Slightly modifies a scene to work around limitations in the Maya Alembic Exporter by changing the scene's shading engines and shading groups to enable the export of faceset information, which is used for the transport of the material assignments.

Export Selected to Alembic

Exports geometry caches that allow storing and playing arbitrarily animated geometry.

Joint Proxy Editor (Experimental)

Opens the Lumberyard Proxy Tool, which is used to create physics proxies for characters to be physicalized.


Runs the validation process.