Legacy Reference

Aim IK (Aim Poses)

When creating a game, a commonly required movement is a character aiming a weapon at a target location. This complex movement requires the weapon to point at a specific location, the hands of the character to firmly hold the weapon, and the character to look through the scope at all times. In many cases, other nuances are added to the character while aiming.

Lumberyard provides a parametric directional blending system with which you can create a set of poses for characters aiming in different directions. At run time, these poses are layered on top of the animation that is currently playing. This enables the character to aim toward a point in space that is requested by the game code while retaining the style present in the original authored poses as much as possible. Characters exhibit a realistic range of motion. Note, however, that continuous, 360-degree aiming around a pivot point is not supported.

You can call aim IK from the Flow Graph editor, Track View editor, the AI system, or engine code.