Legacy Reference

Animation File Setup

The system requires a number of poses for a character looking in several directions so that it can blend between the poses to look in any intermediate direction. The system works with 9 or 15 poses. Although 9 poses might be enough for many cases, we recommend that you use 15 poses for better visual results. When you provide 9 poses, the system extrapolates from the provided ones to create 15 poses.

The poses are exported as an animation file, with one pose for each frame. Naming for this file is important. Some part of its name should match the AnimToken provided in the definition.

The order of the poses in the animation is also important.

When creating look poses, commonly you use an underlying animation pose as a starting point (such as standing idle). The look poses created from such a starting animation must be applied on top of similar animations. If the underlying animation currently playing for a character is different enough (such as crouching), you might need to create look poses for that specific case to achieve better quality.

Try to make the poses as extreme as possible, even though they might look unnatural. Limits can then be set using the game code. The middle pose (frame 4 of 9) needs to point forward. The other poses are centered around the middle pose. The angle between the middle pose and the remaining look poses should be approximately 70 degrees.