Legacy Reference

Debugging Look IK

The easiest way to verify that look poses are working properly is to look at them in Geppetto with animation layers.

To view animation layers in Geppetto

  1. Load your character in Geppetto.

  2. Start an animation, and assign it to the base animation layer.

  3. In the Scene Parameters panel, choose Animation Layers, and then choose Add. A new animation layer is added that has no animation assigned to it yet. This layer will become your active layer.

  4. Select the look pose animation to assign it to the new animation layer.

  5. The look pose animation is now layered on top of the base animation. Move the camera around in the Geppetto viewport, and observe the character looking towards the camera.

  6. Under the look pose animation layer, adjust the direction of aiming, offset, and time-smoothing as needed.

Set the ca_DrawAimIKVEGrid console variable to 1 to display the grid for your look poses. The green rectangle shows your individual look pose frame extremes. As you move the camera around in the Geppetto viewport, you will see a red cube move around the grid to indicate which blend of the look poses is being used. If you don't see a green rectangle or are running into other issues, recheck the setup for the look poses in the .chrparams file and the orientation of the joints in the skeleton.

You can use the ca_UseLookIK console variable to enable or disable look poses on a global level for debugging.

To see the current state of a character in the animation system during gameplay debugging, you can use the es_debugAnim EntityName console variable. Because this variable contains information on all animations that are being played, you can get information on which aim poses and look poses play with which base animations. The combination of the look pose with the base animation might explain why certain look poses look broken, for example if the combination doesn't match.

The base layer also displays information on the blend weights and final influences of the look IK and aim IK, and whether it is being requested by the game or not.