Legacy Reference

Skeleton Setup

The system requires certain joints, listed following, to figure out where a character is looking toward. Sometimes you can use joints already present in the skeleton, but you might need to add some extra joints to make your setup work well. The look IK bone should be a child of the head bone. Make sure your eye bones are also children of the head bone.

  • ParameterJoint – A value that indicates the direction looked in, with the y-axis forward.

  • StartJoint – A value that indicates the positional center of the looking. Because only position information is used from this joint, its orientation is not important. For more stable results, consider using a joint that is not heavily animated, and that is not overly influenced by animation from other joints, such as a joint that is parented to the root joint.

  • ReferenceJoint (optional) – A value that indicates the forward direction of the character, with the y-axis forward. When no value is specified, the joint at index 1 (usually the pelvis) is used. This joint is used mainly for characters in cinematics, because they might have an offset on top of the root joint.

  • AnimToken – A substring that needs to be matched to some part of the name of an animation to be processed as a look pose with the current configuration for parameter, start, and reference joints.


The joint names referenced for the attributes should match the names of the joints in your skeleton, but these names don't have any specific naming requirements.