Legacy Reference

Exporting Static Meshes and Characters

Use the following procedure to export geometry and character geometry. You can specify which nodes in the scene to export, and other options about how they are exported. Child nodes are also exported.

When exporting character skin meshes, the 3ds Max exporter does not support combining multi-skin meshes into a single .skin file. You should export your multi-skin meshes as separate .skin files. To do so, add your skin meshes to the Geometry Export list and select the Export file per node check box. This will export each node in the list as a separate .skin file.


If you are exporting multiple Proxy No Draw meshes, they must be children of a single object, such as a dummy object. This ensures that the exported meshes have collision functionality in Lumberyard.

To set geometry export options for 3ds Max

  1. In 3ds Max, click the Utilities tab (hammer icon), and then choose More.

  2. In Utilities, double-click Lumberyard Exporter.

  3. In Geometry Export, choose the node in the viewport, and then choose Add Selected. Repeat as needed.

  4. Choose the desired options as listed in the following table and then choose Export Nodes.

Geometry Export Options

Option Description
Export Format Specify the file format for the exported file. Geometry export file formats include geometry (*.cgf), character (*.chr), character skeleton (*.skel), and character skin (*.skin).
Export file per node Export each node in the export list as a separate file. The filename is generated from the node name.
Custom filename Override the default export filename if Export File per Node is not selected.
Merge All Nodes Compile non-skinned geometry from multiple nodes into a single node.
Vertex Colors Export vertex colors.
Use 32-bit precision If enabled, adds 32-bits of precision to position each vertex accurately when the mesh is located far from its pivot.
Morph target pos. threshold Ignore vertices that don't move at least the specified distance (in meters) when the morph target is exported.
Vertex animation Not currently supported.