Legacy Reference

Configuring Log Options

There are several options for configuring what is logged during export.

To set exporter log options for 3ds Max

  1. In 3ds Max, choose the Utilities tab (hammer icon), and then choose More.

  2. In Utilities, double-click Lumberyard Exporter.

  3. In Geometry Export, choose the node in the viewport, and then choose Add Selected. Repeat as needed.

  4. In Options, choose the desired options as listed in the following table, and then choose Show Log.

Other Options

Option Description
Degenerate UVW Check for degenerate texture coordinates and issue a warning if they exist; otherwise, silently export them. Degenerate coordinates arise when two vertices on a triangle have the same (or very nearly the same) UVs.
Off-axis scaling Check whether the node is scaled along a non-primary axis. You can still export the node, but the scale won't match the object in 3ds Max.