Legacy Reference

Adding Mesh Proxy Materials

For the materials to be used for the ragdoll physics mesh proxies, you assign a surface type to each submaterial. The shader type should already be set to Nodraw if the materials were exported from your DCC with the Proxy No Draw material physics type. But note that the Surface Type field in the Lumberyard Material Editor will be empty.

You can choose to set Surface Type to a few options depending on whether you need to detect specific physics mesh proxies or if you do not need any additional special behavior. The nodraw type is a good default if you only want to use physics mesh proxies for your ragdoll skeleton. Otherwise, you can use the following settings:

  • arm_left

  • arm_right

  • foot_left

  • foot_right

  • hand_left

  • hand_right

  • head

  • leg_left

  • leg_right

  • torso