Legacy Reference

Lumberyard Proxy Tool (Experimental)

Creating individual meshes for each character body part can be time-consuming. The Lumberyard Proxy Tool automates the process of building simple joint proxy meshes and adding materials.


This tool is in the experimental phase of development.

To create a joint proxy

  1. In the Maya scene, select a joint you want to add a proxy to and then choose Add Joints.

  2. Use the following controls to adjust parameters as needed:

    • Width – Width and depth of the proxy

    • Shape – Shape of the proxy; options are box, capsule, and sphere

    • Orient – Orientation axis of the joint as it points to its child

    • Material name – Name of the proxy material

  3. Choose one of the following:

    • Create Proxies (Additive) – Creates the joint proxies

    • Create Proxies (Replace) – Deletes all current proxies before creating the new joint proxies