Legacy Reference

Exporting a Camera to Maya

Use the following process when exporting a camera from Lumberyard to Autodesk Maya. Transformation tracks and animated FOV data are supported for export.

Upon export, cameras are re-oriented to fit the Maya standard of pointing down in the z-axis as opposed to the Lumberyard standard of cameras pointing in the y-axis.

To export a camera to Maya

  1. In the Track View editor, right-click a camera node and then click Export FBX File.

  2. Select a file path, and then set Save as type to FBX (*.fbx).

  3. In FBX Export Settings, ensure Convert Cameras/Axes for Max/Maya is selected. The remaining parameters are all optional.

  4. In Maya, click File, Import toolbar icon, click Import, Import, then select the file you exported in step 3 for import.