Legacy Reference

Following with a Camera

You can have a camera follow an object and also rotate around (orbit) the object by first linking the camera to a TagPoint entity and then linking the TagPoint to the object. The TagPoint acts as a pivot and, by animating its rotation in the Track View editor, the camera now rotates around the object.

However, if the object itself is rotating, it can cause unwanted effects on the camera. You can minimize this issue by adjusting the TagPoint pivot rotation. For example, if the object has an x-axis rotation of -15°, set the pivot's x-axis rotation to +15° to cancel out the values.

Another way to minimize this issue is to make the TagPoint's rotation independent of the object you want to follow. To do this, use one "root" TagPoint for animating the position, then link your followed object to it and animate only its rotation. Next, link the pivot TagPoint and the attached camera to the root TagPoint as well. Using this method, you can rotate your target and the camera orbit pivot independently of each other.