Legacy Reference

Importing a Camera from Maya

Use the following process when importing a camera from Autodesk Maya to Lumberyard.

To import a camera from Maya

  1. In Maya, click Window, Settings/Preferences, Preferences. In the Settings dialog box, click Settings. For Time, select NTSC (30 fps).

  2. In Maya, in Film Back settings, change Camera Aperture to 0.581 0.327 and Film Aspect Ratio to 1.78.

  3. Select the camera you wish to export. It must have the same name as the Lumberyard camera to which you want to import the camera’s animation.

  4. Click File, Export Selection.

  5. In Select File to Export, select the FBX format.

  6. In FBX Export, Advanced Options, for Up Axis, select Z.

  7. Set Scale Factor to 1,0.

  8. Save the .fbx file to a suitable location.

  9. In the Track View editor, right-click a camera node in the applicable sequence and then click Import FBX File.

  10. Browse to the .fbx file and click Open.

  11. In the FBX Import – Select Nodes to Import dialog box, select the name of the camera you exported in Step 3, which should match the name of the Lumberyard camera in step 9.