Legacy Reference

Setting Player Look Around

If the Cutscene flag is enabled, the player can look around by rotating the cutscene camera within a certain range.

To set up player look around

  1. In the Track View editor, right-click the main sequence node and click Add Script Variable. Name it something like Cinematic_CameraLookUp.

  2. Repeat Step 1 three times, naming each script variable for a direction, such as Cinematic_CameraLookDown, Cinematic_CameraLookLeft, and Cinematic_CameraLookRight, for example.

  3. For each script variable, click Value, then under Key Properties, enter a value, which represents the number of degrees the camera can be moved beyond its default position for the respective frame.

If desired, it is possible to slowly decrease these values to zero to make it less obvious that it gets disabled at a certain point.