Legacy Reference

Skinned Mesh

The Skinned Mesh component is the primary way to add animated visual geometry to entities. This component also features key controls and options to use the engine's basic rendering features. Supported geometry types include skinned meshes (.chr) and character descriptors (.cdf).

Skinned Mesh Component Properties

The Skinned Mesh component has the following properties:


When selected, the entity is visible.

Character definition

Asset file for the skinned mesh entity.


Skinned Mesh component properties have the following options.


Scale of how opaque an entity is.

Max view distance

Maximum distance from which this entity can be viewed.

View distance multiplier

Adjusts the maximum view distance. If set to 1.0, then the default maximum view distance is used. 1.1, for example, extends the default by 10%.

LOD distance ratio

Sets the level of detail (LOD) ratio over distance.

Cast dynamic shadows

When selected, casts dynamic shadow maps.

Cast static shadows

When selected, casts static shadow maps.

Indoor only

When selected, renders the object only in indoor areas.


Rain occluder

When selected, the entity blocks or stops dynamic raindrops.

Affect dynamic water

When selected, the entity generates ripples in dynamic water.

Receive wind

When selected, the entity is affected by wind.

Accept decals

When selected, the entity can receive decals.

Affect navmesh

When selected, the entity affects navmesh generation.

Visibility occluder

When selected, the entity can block visibility of other objects.