Legacy Reference

Default Controller Mapping

The default mapping for input on the PC is shown in the following table. To reconfigure the controls for your game, follow the instructions in Setting Up Controls and Action Maps and Action Maps.

Player Action PC
Player Movement W, A, S, D
Player Aim Mouse XY
Jump Spacebar
Sprint Shift
Crouch C
Slide (when sprinting) C
Fire Mouse 1
Zoom Mouse 2
Melee V
Fire Mode 2
Reload R
Use F
Toggle Weapon 1
Toggle Explosive 3
Toggle Binoculars B
Toggle Light (attachment) L
Third Person Camera F1

Vehicle Action PC
Accelerate W
Boost Shift
Brake/Reverse S
Handbrake Spacebar
Steer A/D
Look Mouse XY
Horn H
Fire Mouse 1
Change Seat C
Headlights L

Helicopter Action PC
Ascend W
Descend S
Roll Left A
Roll Right D
Yaw Left Mouse X (left)
Yaw Right Mouse X (right)
Pitch Up Mouse Y (up)
Pitch Down Mouse Y (down)

Multiplayer Action PC
Show Scoreboard TAB