Legacy Reference


This entity lets you create a box to which you can link triggers and other entities that should be enabled when the player enters or leaves the box.

Parameter Table

Parameter Description
AreaId Sets up the ID of the area, so areas with another ID can overlap.
FadeInZone Specifies in meters how big the zone around the box is that is used to fade in the effect attached to the box. Only when the player is inside the box the effect is rendered at 100%, at the beginning of the FadeInZone its rendered at 0%.
Width Specifies how wide the box is.
Length Defines how long the box is.
Height Specifies how high the shape area should be (0 means infinite height).
GroupId Sets up the Group ID of the area, so areas with another group ID can overlap.
Priority Defines the Priority so areas with a higher priority will be processed first.
DisplayFilled Just for visibility in the editor this option defines if the area should be rendered as filled or not.
DisplaySoundInfo Enable to expand Sound Obstruction options.