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The vis area object is used to define indoor areas for culling and optimization purposes, as well as lighting. Objects inside a vis area won't be rendered from outside and vice versa, this can help with performance immensely.

Vis areas also can be setup to occlude certain lighting elements such as the sun, which gives flexibility in setting up lighting for your indoor areas.

  1. In Rollup Bar, on the Objects tab, click Area, VisArea.

  2. Place the vis area object around the desired area in your level and set the Height parameter value. Keep the shape of the vis area as simple as possible.

  3. Ensure everything related is inside the vis area.

  4. Enable Snap To Grid.

Parameter Table

Parameter Description
Height Specifies how high the vis area is.
DisplayFilled Just for visibility in the editor this option defines if the area should be rendered as filled or not.
AffectedBySun Specifies if shadows from the world outside the vis area can travel inside.
IgnoreSkyColor If this option is turned off the ambient color (sky color in time of day window) is not used indoors.
IgnoreGI If true, Global Illumination won't be used inside this object.
ViewDistRatio Specifies how far the vis area is rendered.
SkyOnly Lets you choose to see only the skybox when you look outside the vis area. If you don't render terrain and outside brushes the performance can be faster so use this option when it is appropriate.
OceanIsVisible Specifies if the ocean rendering should be visible inside the vis area.