Legacy Reference

Archetype Entity

An Archetype entity is based on a regular entity and specifies individual parameter values for that entity. If the value of an Archetype parameter is changed, all instances of that Archetype in the level are updated automatically.

As such, you can predefine variations of entity classes as Archetype Entities that can be used throughout the game. For global changes affecting all instances, the Archetype Entity just needs to be changed once.

EntityArchetype Parameters

Parameter Description
Outdoor Only When set, the object will not be rendered when inside a vis area.
Cast Shadow MinSpec When set, the object will cast a shadow.
LodRatio Defines how far from the current camera position, the different Level Of Detail models for the object are used.
ViewDistanceMultiplier Defines how far from the current camera position, the object can be seen.
HiddenInGame When set, this object is not shown in the pure game mode.
Receive Wind When set, this object will be influenced by any wind setup in the level.