Legacy Reference

Rain Entity

You can use the Rain entity to add realistic rain effects to your level.

Entity Properties

Property Description
Amount Sets the amount of rain and rain effects in a level. AttenAmount is multiplied by the amount, and is used to set the current amount.
DiffuseDarkening Modifies the albedo of the rain effect, such as for horizontal water puddles.
DisableOcclusion Blocks rain for selected objects in your level. Don't select for objects that are protected (under cover) from rain.
Enabled Enables or disables the rain effects.
FakeGlossiness Sets the amount of glossiness for wet surfaces.
FakeReflectionsAmount Sets the amount of reflection from wet surfaces.
IgnoreVisAreas Renders rain even when player is inside a vis area.
PuddlesAmount Sets the depth and brightness of water puddles generated by the rain.
PuddlesMaskAmount Sets the strength of the water puddle mask to balance different puddle results.
PuddlesRipplesAmount Sets the strength and frequency of ripples in water puddles.
Radius Sets the coverage area of rain around the entity.
RainDropsAmount Sets the amount of rain drops that can be seen in the air.
RainDropsLighting Sets the brightness or backlighting of the rain drops.
RainDropsSpeed Sets the speed at which rain drops travel.
SplashesAmount Modifies the strength of the splash effect.