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Render Entities

You can use the following Render entities in your level.

FogVolume Entity

Entity Properties

Property Description
Active If true, fog volume will be enabled.
Color Specifies the RGB diffuse color of the fog volume
DensityOffset Used in conjunction with the GlobalDensity parameter to offset the density.
FallOffDirLati Controls the latitude falloff direction of the fog. A value of 90° means the falloff direction is upwards.
FallOffDirLong Controls the longitude falloff direction of the fog, where 0° represents east. Rotation is counterclockwise.
FallOffScale Scales the density distribution along the falloff direction. Higher values make the fog fall off more rapidly and generate thicker fog layers along the negative falloff direction.
FallOffShift Controls how much to shift the fog density distribution along the falloff direction in world units (m). Positive values move thicker fog layers along the falloff direction into the fog volume.
GlobalDensity Controls the density of the fog. The higher the value the more dense the fog.
HDRDynamic Specifies how much brighter than the default white (RGB 255,255,255) the fog is.
NearCutoff Stops rendering the object depending on camera distance to object.
SoftEdges Factor used to soften the edges of the fog volume when viewed from outside. A value of 0.0 produces hard edges. Increasing this value up to 1.0 gradually softens the edges. This property currently has no effect on box type fog volumes as specified in the VolumeType parameter.
UseGlobalFogColor If selected, ignores the Color parameter and uses the global (Time Of Day) fog color instead.
VolumeType Produces a box volume for values above 1.0 or a spherical volume for lower values.
Size x, y, z Specifies the height, width, and depth of the fog volume in meters.

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