Legacy Reference

River Entity

You can customize your rivers with a number of different parameters. Many of the settings are the same as those of the WaterVolume Shader.


The Speed parameter listed below specifies the speed at which objects float down the river. The speed of the river itself is specified using the Flow speed parameter for the WaterVolume Shader.


Parameter Description
Width Sets the width of the river. This is set much wider than the actual river (water) width, as the complete river is defined by the river bed and surrounding terrain.
BorderWidth Used in conjunction with Align Height Map, creates a smooth edge for the river bed geometry if this value is greater than the Width value.
StepSize Sets the distance between each point along the river spline. Smaller values increase the polygon count of the river surface but also smooths out corners.
ViewDistanceMultiplier Sets the distance from the current view at which the river renders.
TileLength Length of the river texture. Use in conjunction with StepSize to avoid stretching textures.
Depth Sets the depth of the river.
Speed Defines how fast physicalized objects move along the river. Use negative values to move in the opposite direction.
UScale Sets the texture tiling on the U axis.
VScale Sets the texture tiling on the V axis.
Caustics Enables optical caustics effects.
CausticIntensity Scales the intensity of the caustics for the water surface normals.
CausticTiling Scales the caustic tiling applied to the water surface normals. It allows the scaling of caustics independently from the surface material.
CausticHeight Sets the height above the water surface at which caustics become visible. Use this to make caustics appear on overhanging landforms or vegetation and other nearby objects.