Legacy Reference


The GravityVolume entity can be used to create tunnels through which the player is getting pushed by an invisible force. It does so by modifying the global gravity variable so that the player stays afloat while maintaining momentum.

Place a GravityVolume entity in the level and in a similar way to placing out a road or river, draw the gravity volume out. Once you have your shape finished double-click the left mouse to finalize the shape.


Parameter Description
Radius Defines the radius how wide the tube is.
Gravity Defines how fast objects are getting pushed through the tube.
Falloff Sets up how the gravity should be decreased at the edge of the tube.
Damping Specifies the damping amount.
StepSize Defines how fine the subdivision of the tube geometry segments should be.
DontDisableInvisible Active this property so that invisible ones don't get disabled.
Enabled Turns the gravity effect on/off.