Legacy Reference

Debugging Utilities

There are several debugging utilities you can use to manage the entity pools and see how they are being used during gameplay.

Debugging Entity Pool Bookmarks

To see the status of all entity pool bookmarks that currently exist during the game, use the following console command.

es_dump_bookmarks [filterName] [dumpToDisk]

This command causes text to be written to the console and game log file for every bookmark requested.



(Optional) Allows you to filter your request to get bookmarks only for entities whose names contain the specified value as a substring. To display all bookmarks, set this argument to "all" or leave it empty.


(Optional) Allows you to output to disk all static instanced data associated with the displayed bookmarks. If supplied and its a non-zero numerical file, data will be stored at \User\Bookmarks\LevelName\EntityName.xml.

Data displayed

The following information is displayed for each bookmark:

  • Name of the bookmarked entity.

  • Layer the bookmarked entity belongs to.

  • Entity class name the bookmarked entity uses.

  • Reserved entity ID associated with the bookmarked entity.

  • If the bookmarked entity has the No Save Entity Flag associated with it.

  • If the bookmarked entity is static or dynamic.

  • If the bookmarked entity contains any serialized data (and the memory footprint of the information if available).

  • If the bookmarked entity contains any static instanced data (and the memory footprint of the information if available).