Legacy Reference

Using Flow Graph with Mannequin

Some Mannequin system functionality is available using the Actor:PlayMannequinFragment and Actor:PlayMannequinFragment Flow Graph nodes.

The Actor:PlayMannequinFragment node looks for a fragment to play using the provided FragmentID and TagState. This fragment is in a Mannequin Action and queued with the given priority. The Actor:PlayMannequinFragment node can also stop this action using the ForceFinishLastQueued input, or pause/resume the entire Mannequin ActionController.

Some guidelines and best practices for using this node include the following:

  • Make sure that querying fragments do not conflict with AI, player, or game logic if the entity being targeted is also driven by other game code

  • Select priority based on what you want to interrupt. Movement fragments run at priority 4, hit reactions at priority 5, and death reactions at priority 6.

  • You cannot start an action on one node and stop it with another node. Actions are not shared across nodes.