Legacy Reference

Using Animation Clips in Fragments

You can easily add animation clips to a fragment and move them around the fragment timeline as desired.

To add an animation clip to a fragment

  1. In the Mannequin Editor, from the Fragment Editor pane, select the applicable fragment or create a new fragment.

  2. Add an animation layer to the fragment by right-clicking the scope for the fragment in the Fragment Editor, going under Add Layer, and clicking AnimLayer. It is not possible to add animation clips until there is an animation layer available.

  3. In Geppetto, select the animation from the Animation list, and then drag the animation to the desired location in the timeline window for the fragment.

  4. Add an empty animation clip by double-clicking on the timeline. With the empty clip selected, you can assign an animation by clicking on the folder icon for the Animation property under Anim Clip Properties.

Understanding Fragment Clip Zones

The timeline window contains various locations and zones. Understanding them and their effect on fragments can help you add animation clips to a fragment.

The timeline shows various aspects of a clip:

  • Blend-in period of the first clip.

  • The period where the first clip is playing.

  • After the first clip has finished, and last key is repeated by default.

  • Blend-in period of the second clip.

  • The period where the second clip is playing.

Normally, the second clip is positioned toward the end of the first clip so there aren't any repeating frames. You can also increase or decrease the blend-in time by dragging the vertical bars.

Moving and Snapping Animation Clips

You can drag a clip to move it along the fragment timeline. The default dragging behavior is to snap to the beginning, end, or blend time of a clip.

To snap the clip to the timeline, begin dragging the clip and then press Shift as you continue to drag. This snaps the clip to the timeline markers and ignores the other animation clips.

To disable snapping, begin dragging and then press Ctrl as you continue to drag. You can now drag the clip to any point on the timeline without snapping to the other clips or to the timeline.