Legacy Reference

Mannequin Fragment IDs (Animation States)

A FragmentID is the main label under which a fragment is stored.

FragmentIDs are character animation states, such as moving, idling or firing. Game code uses a FragmentID to access a fragment. Typically, a number of different fragments may be assigned to the same FragmentID. For example, the animation could include several different moving fragments, such as moving while standing, moving while crouching, or moving plus some random variation.

Typically, a game developer creates a different FragmentID for every basic character animation state, while animators create animation clips and the associated fragments for those FragmentIDs.

You can create and edit FragmentIDs in Fragment Editor within Mannequin Editor. You store the FragmentIDs in a FragmentID definition file (*Actions.xml), which is referred to from the controller definition file (*ControllerDefs.xml).

If animations are required between FragmentIDs, you can use a transition.