Legacy Reference

Mannequin Fragments (Clips)

The fragment is the basic building block within the Mannequin system. A fragment is a layered collection of time-sequenced animation clips and procedural clips such as poses, attachments, and sounds. You can transition from one clip to another, speed up clips, loop them, or cut them up. This is similar to other nonlinear animation tools. Instead of starting a specific animation directly, the fragment containing the animation is called first. Fragments are defined by their FragmentIDs and tags.

FragmentIDs represent an animation state, such as crouching, idling, or aiming. You use the FragmentID to request rragments. Note that multiple fragments often share the same FragmentID.

You use tags to label fragments with easy-to-remember names, such as blink, yawn, or step. If multiple fragments share the same FragmentID and tag, the fragments are designated as options.

Animators create the animation clips and fragments, while game developers define the FragmentIDs and tags used in Mannequin.