Legacy Reference

Creating and Editing Scope Contexts

A scope context defines which entity, character, and animation database to use. You can use the same scope context for multiple scopes. Because every scope is attached to a scope context, at least one scope context is needed for each character.

Scope context properties may change during runtime, so it is possible to swap the entity, character instance, or animation database at any time. You can use this technique to change weapons or attach other characters to the player during a synchronized animation, for example.

Scope contexts are defined in the controller definition file (*ControllerDefs.xml).

                Mannequin scope contexts

                Mannequin scope "Weapon" context

The implementation of the animated character game object extension is hardcoded to support the scope contexts Char1P, Char3P, and Audio.

The controller definitions file must use the Char3P scope context when using Mannequin object or the actions and layers will not play, as shown below:

<ScopeContextDefs> <Char3P /> </ScopeContextDefs> <ScopeDefs> <FullBody layer="0" numLayers="3" context="Char3P"/> </ScopeDefs>