Legacy Reference

Using FragmentID Tags (Frag Tags)

FragmentID-specific tags, also known as frag tags, are tags that are assigned only to fragments with a specific fragmentID.

Many fragment tags don't have to be available to all fragments. For example, there might be a hit fragmentID that groups fragments containing hit reaction animations. The actual type of hit, such as headshot or explosion would then be encoded in tags. But such tags are only useful in the context of the hit fragmentID, so such tags are considered fragmentID-specific.

Frag tags are created by creating a new tag definition using the Tag Definition Editor in Mannequin Editor. This new tag definition is then assigned to a FragmentID using the FragmentID Editor.

Each fragmentID can have only one tag definition containing frag tags, but for more complicated cases you can import other tag definition files hierarchically from the main tag definition.

Frag tags are stored in separate tag definition files that are linked to from the fragmentID definition file as sub-tag definitions.