Legacy Reference

Mannequin Tags (Animation Contexts)

When multiple fragments are assigned to a single FragmentID, such fragments are simply variations of ideas expressed in that FragmentID. With Tags, you can label fragments for more specific character contexts like crouched, shooting, or scared.

The game looks for tags based upon the state of the game character. For example, when a character is crouching, the game starts looking for fragments tagged as crouched. And when the character is using a machine gun, the game looks for fragments tagged as machineGun. If the game is looking for both of these tags at the same time, it first looks for a fragment with both tags. Next, the game looks for fragments labeled either machineGun or crouched. Finally, it looks for a fragment with an empty set of tags that acts as a fallback. Fragments with other tags such as swimming are not selected.

Multiple fragments can have the same set of tags and FragmentID. In this case, the game automatically assigns each fragment an option index. By default a random option index is chosen, but you can have the game can select a specific one if needed, such a particular fragment for animation streaming. For example, if you have 20 variations (options) but want to stream in only one of them, you can override the random selection process and make sure that the specific variation you streamed in is selected.

When working with tags, it's useful to know the following terms:

  • Tag Definition – A collection of tags.

  • Tag Group – A mutually-exclusive set of tags.

  • Tag State – A combination of tags, such as crouching+pistol.