Legacy Reference

Mannequin Animation Transitions

Animation transitions blend together multiple fragments in a specified sequence. Specifically, game code requests multiple FragmentIDs sequentially, and those associated fragments need to be blended together. With Mannequin, you can specify complex transitions between the fragments, such as specifying exactly how individual layers within fragments are combined, or the ability to add new procedural clips in between existing animation clips.

Transitions are stored with their associated fragments in the XML-based animation database .adb file. The FragmentBlendList element contains the transitions, as the following shows.

<FragmentBlendList> <Blend from="" to="idlePose"> <Variant from="" to=""> <Fragment selectTime="0" enterTime="0"> <AnimLayer> <Blend ExitTime="0" StartTime="0" Duration="0"/> </AnimLayer> </Fragment> </Variant> </Blend> </FragmentBlendList>