Legacy Reference

Adding Distance (2D) Clouds

Distance clouds are two-dimensional clouds that are placed at a great distance, such as on the horizon or at high altitudes. They are suitable for creating a realistic distant sky scene without causing rendering performance issues. Distance clouds do not move and cannot be flown through.

Using the Distance Cloud shader, you can create distance clouds with no shading (simple clouds) or with more accurate shading (advanced clouds).

To create a 2D distance cloud

  1. In the Rollup Bar, under Objects, click Misc, Distance Cloud.

  2. Click Materials/Clouds/DistanceClouds.

  3. In Material Editor, under Shader Generation Params, select either the Simple distance clouds or Advanced distance clouds check box.

  4. Adjust Opacity and Lighting settings as needed.

  5. Click Assign Item to Selected Objects and close Material Editor.

  6. Drag the cloud to the desired location in your level, placing it far enough away that a player will not notice it is flat.