Legacy Reference

Using Cloud Volumes

Cloud volumes are 3D volumetric clouds that use the Volume Object shader to achieve very realistic shading effects. Unlike 3D clouds, cloud volumes feature correct self-shadowing. Adding many cloud volumes to a level can deteriorate performance.

To create a cloud volume

  1. In the Rollup Bar, under Objects, click Entity.

  2. Under Browser, select your asset.

  3. Click No Custom Material.

  4. Expand the left tree and select your asset.

  5. Under Material Settings, for Shader, select VolumeObject.

  6. Under Shader Params and Shader Generation Params, adjust parameter values as described in Volume Object shader .

  7. Click Assign Item to Selected Objects and close Material Editor.

  8. Drag the cloud to the desired location in your level.

  9. Under Entity Properties, adjust the following parameters:

    • CloudFile – The cloud material.

    • Scale – The scale factor for sizing the cloud.

    • AutoMove – Select to enable cloud movement.

    • FadeDistance – The distance from the edges of the space loop box from which the cloud fades in and out.

    • SpaceLoopBox – The size of the volume that the clouds moves in from one end to the other.

    • Speed: The speed at which cloud moves. For normal clouds, use a value around 5. For storm clouds, use a value around 15.


If you want to change the settings for an existing cloud, disable AutoMove first to make it easier to select the cloud in your level.