Release Notes

Preview Systems and Tools

The following systems are a preview of features scheduled to be released in the future.

Component Entity System

The Component Entity System provides a flexible and intuitive way to configure and manage entities. Complex entity behaviors can be constructed by adding individual components. The Component Entity system employs reflection, serialization, message-passing using the event bus, and the ability to edit component objects in Lumberyard Editor. For more information, see Component Entity System.


The Mannequin tool organizes and sequences animation clips into logical states (called fragments). Mannequin then executes complex logic to determine which fragment is context-appropriate and synchronizes the animation with gameplay systems, FX, and sounds. For more information, see Mannequin System.

Project Configurator

The Project Configurator lets you specify your current Lumberyard project and select any extensions (gems) to include in the game. For more information, see Project Configurator.

UI Editor

The UI Editor allows you to build, visualize, and customize user interface elements such as menus, buttons, and the heads-up display (HUD). For more information, see UI System.