Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Lumberyard Beta 1.13 provides improvements and changes to Lumberyard systems and functionality. Choose a topic area to learn more.


Android has the following improvements and changes:

  • Android NDK r16 is now supported.

  • In Android Studio, generating a project now creates a Gradle Wrapper to help with versioning issues.

Asset Pipeline

The asset pipeline has the following improvements and changes:

  • The Source Control API now supports RequestLatest to get the latest files, and RequestRename to move and rename files. All legacy ISourceControl calls (Perforce plugin) for this functionality now use the Source Control API.

  • You can now configure the directory that the Asset Processor monitors to be OS-specific. This allows the Asset Processor to copy only the relevant assets to the target folder.

  • The Asset Builder SDK now processes the data formats that are exported from .fbx files. This excludes legacy file types such as .cgf, which are still handled by the resource compiler.

  • The AssetImportRequest::LoadScene function is deprecated and has been removed from the SceneAPI.

Cloud Canvas

Cloud Canvas has the following improvements and changes:

Text-to-Speech Cloud Gem

  • You can now use And/Or logic when filtering.

  • You can now sort and filter by character.

  • The speech_line_definitions.csv file now includes the MD5 file name.

  • The Character Advanced setting now includes a timbre option.

  • The Character Advanced setting now includes a language option.

  • When you delete a speech line, the default behavior is no longer to return to the first page.

  • You can now delete multiple speech lines.

  • You can now delete packs.

  • Generated packages now display the correct value for last modified date.

  • Additional Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) types are now supported. This allows you to create more customizable speech lines.

  • The Cloud Gem Portal has improved support for tagging and character, speech line, and file management.

Speech Recognition Cloud Gem

  • Microphone support has been added for Android, iOS, and macOS.

  • You can now use the Voice Recorder System component for Android, iOS, and macOS. Windows is already supported.

Cloud Gem Framework

  • You can now quickly and easily add custom resources to use with your cloud gems. Custom resources allow you to define a handler to enhance the behavior of an AWS:Service. For example, the Custom::DynamoDBTable resource is a DynamoDB table resource that defines a handler with extra logic to make resource creation and updates more resilient against normal AWS account limits.

Component Entity System

The component entity system has the following improvements and changes:

  • You can now pin the Entity Inspector to a particular entity.

  • You can now have multiple Entity Inspector windows open simultaneously.

CryEngine IJobManager API

The CryEngine job system and related APIs have been deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Lumberyard. This includes JobManager::IJobManager, JobManager::SJobState, and DECLARE_JOB. Use the AZ::Job APIs instead.

FBX Files

Lumberyard 1.13 provides a Python script that you can run on your game project to resolve issues with processing and loading .fbx material files. The script is located in the /dev/Editor/Scripts/Lumberyard directory. Run this script to set the Update Materials flag to False for all .fbx files in your project. Materials that are associated with .fbx files that are already in your project may not process successfully if the Update Materials flag is set to True.

Lumberyard Editor

Lumberyard Editor has the following improvements and changes:

  • Level names can now begin with numbers. Previously only letters were supported.

  • The Console window now displays new lines properly, and the display time has improved.

  • The viewport and editor buttons now have tooltips.

  • You can now create subfolders in the Save Level As dialog box. A warning displays if the level name conflicts with an existing folder.

  • The default decimal text box now supports higher-precision decimal values. This is particularly useful for Time of Day parameters.

Lumberyard Setup Assistant

The Lumberyard Setup Assistant has the following improvements and changes:

  • The installation instructions for Visual Studio 2015 now links to the correct topic on the Microsoft website.

  • Visual Studio 2013 now displays a deprecation notice.

  • Memory usage has been improved.


macOS has the following improvements and changes:

  • OpenGL is no longer supported on macOS, so the system_osx_gl.cfg file has been removed from the Lumberyard files.

  • Substance is now supported on macOS.

Material Editor

The Material Editor has the following improvements and changes:

  • The Copy All and Copy Section options have been added.

  • You can now use the paste feature without a current selection in the properties list.


The physics system has the following improvements and changes:

  • The PhysX Jobs Dispatcher now uses an appropriate amount of worker threads to help improve performance and better use the CPU.

  • The PhysX error logging has been improved to help with debugging issues.

  • The PhysX terrain requests have been moved into LegacyTerrainRequestBus. This separates legacy code from the PhysX gem system.

Starter Game

Starter Game has the following improvements and changes:

  • Some character animations now use the Animation Editor (EMotion FX) system.

  • The holster weapon delay has been reduced.

Substance Gem

The Substance gem now includes Script Canvas and Lua scripting support for Substance procedural materials.


The VisArea component has the following improvements and changes:

  • The VisArea setting names are now consistently named.

  • The IgnoreSkyColor and IgnoreGI options have been removed from the VisArea and Portal components.


Lumberyard has the following miscellaneous fixes:

  • In the serialization context, DataElementNode::GetData and SetData are symmetrical and work as expected with containers. GetDataHierarchy is no longer included in the API. You can use GetData instead.

  • The shared_mutex class has the following improvements:

    • The shared_mutex class now matches the standard for read/write lock.

    • The upgrade_mutex style of the shared_mutex class has been removed.

    • The shared_spin_mutex has been renamed to shared_mutex.

    • The shared_spin_mutex has been aliased to shared_mutex.